Founded on 2009

Creative Agency, Production House, Medi Planning/Buying, Media Strategy and Implementing.


MC (Ministry of Communication) was founded in 2009

The founders of this company with a long experience in television, design and printing fields, founded a new, successful and well known agency from its beginning.

With a qualified and long experienced staff in multimedia, MC is profiled in all visual communication fields and marketing, from the creation of the idea, realization of all the production processes up to the final materialization of the products.

MC unifies talent and passion with the discipline and makes sure that the projects are executed on time. This brings a transparence to the relationship with clients and a functional track from the concept to the execution. With devotion in quality, profound professional knowledge and an efficient structure, MC guarantees maximum quality in every project.

Our Clients :

We work with you because, MC is like we work inhouse.

Creativity meeting deadlines and prices.

No need to go around for many tasks.

MC meets our needs.

We grow on market every year thanks working with MC.

Our Clients